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Sleepless (Saviour)

Sunrise Wake up to a revolution A reality where apathy isn’t sold by the gallon Wake them up They are senseless, disposable, defenceless They whisper in my ear Every word is insincere This city lives in the shade When faced with adversity They spit you out Left to drain And I’m sick of this city They spit you out, so spit me out And I’m sick of this city So spit me out When things get rough you can’t just give up How can they just give up? When times get tough you can’t just walk away How can they walk away? I don’t want to be the one to teach them how to live Integrity seems obsolete So maybe, maybe I have to I won’t rest until they learn I will not rest until they learn They’re not alone An obstacle is not a brick wall Being young ain’t four fucks every weekend Good things come to those who endure Don’t waste the dream I’ve got a fifty dollar bill that says I ain’t gonna sleep tonight In a daze they lose interest So easy giving up once more When we have just begun Don’t tell me they don’t feel that something is missing I don’t want to be the one Maybe I don’t have to So let them sleep with their regrets Sunsets