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Vomit (Saviour)

Breathe I grasp on with patience I’ll hold on My gracious heart beats on My gracious soul holds strong My gracious soul My gracious heart beats on, soul holds strong I praise the day my spoiled soul will take me home Will take me home These depths feel all too familiar And they force me back To the very beginning A time of obscurity, I’m so alone In devils lair, all on my own In devils lair, all by myself And they force me back All the love in my heart only weighs me down All the love in my heart only helps me drown All the love in my heart can get fucked Because they kiss like Judas, no trueness Don’t try to slow me down, my Judas I can’t settle to be just another no one No I’ve got ninety nine questions And no ghost on my shoulder telling me This is impossible, this is stupid Please get out of my way I don’t care if I’m careless I can’t remain voiceless My gracious has learnt from all the lessons that I’ve learnt I am on top of the world all by myself I’m on top of the world and I can’t look back at the friends That don’t mean shit and the bitch that never loved me They don’t mean shit I’m feeling twelve foot tall And I can’t look down I am on top of the world All by myself I’m still on top of the world In devils lair If you could only see it You would be so amazed I built an empire I built desire My gracious heart has learnt a cheap trick You people are deceivers You faggots make me sick