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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Noccalula (Waxahatchee)

We'll make it real loud Four years, we'll barely speak and you've got a husband now I have Waxahatchee Creek And you used to come here with me I need a heavy heart Allison's only calling me when her life's falling apart So I pour it tall and talk to myself in my head alone But it's really better until I learn how To gracefully let someone in and back out But I won't worry about it right now Say what you're thinking I'm watching thoughts dance around in your head You'll let me down easy or you'll beg for my empathy Your lips are moving, your mouth is so close to mine I almost can taste your spit, Pilsner brew and cigarettes If it keeps up we'll run out of time I'll write you letters and I'll write you songs And you will be endlessly distracting and then It falls flat onto paper again You're in the Carolinas and I'm going to New York And I'll be much better there Or that's what I'm hoping for And we will never speak again