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All These Dreams (Sev)

All these dreams seem so far away in my head Damn, I'm lovin this shit Living in it, I got the people singing our hits It's like wild, cause I was up all night With my pen in my right drinking 8 Miller Lights Trimming off the fat is where we're at, We're getting leaner I'm looking at the other side, The grass is getting greener I mean I opened up the flood gates Dance clubs to arenas Light on my feet, the air is getting cleaner I got the bomb shit, can you handle this It's in my brain through this pen hits my pad Oh my God are you out there and can you handle this We're gonna put the mother fucking Asses out of business.. NOW All these dreams seem so far away in my head So what happened to the good old days, Everybody says When way back in the day that Dreams filled our heads Of opening up shows we worked so hard To get in the door And put our best friends inside the clubs To fill the floors See we've loved and lost a lot, And put our dreams aside To go on this trip, the best rides of our lives Of good friends, we've kept them close Not because of status See this is al real but to get it you gotta have it Taking time to get it right and lived our lives With high intentions Feeding off each other, did I forget to mention All these dimensions that circle with high intensity Fusing together, the new school reality All these dreams seem so far away in my head Yo, what's up? Sev Sev is gonna tear it up. I said yo, what's up? Sev Sev is gonna tear it up Whatever I wanted, whatever I needed You have always been there for me And when there was doubt I would never turn my back 'Cause I've always needed you.