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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Vulcan (Snake River Conspiracy)

Fuck you and your stupid smile You make me want to strangle you Fuck you and your disco flavor Hot sauce on your snake skin boots Hey you forgot your rag bag Your sixty-nine sedan Hey you fucking fag hag Drop trou tossed salad man Sucking on my thumb just like the child you think I am You've managed to convince yourself but I don't think you can Manage me! me, me, me Life based on a short story Written by a bitch named Vern In a maroon velour sweat suit Playing with your brand new urn Shit has he lost his mind Can he see or is he just blind Sucking on your brains like the zombies want to revive You could talk me into fucking you but I don't think you'd survive Survive me! me, Survive me! me It's your own technique anyway With all the foam in your mouth when you say... It's freedom rock baby Turn it up here's how to order this Fuck uncle shifter's got the night towel I'd kiss you but you're covered in piss Punk are you threatening me Your style is faulty while mine is the best Spock have you lost your mind Are sure full duration is best I'm sucking on your life just like the hole you're living in You're complaining all the time but now the sucking really begins With me!