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When I Hustle (Huey)

Hello Naw I'll Be There In A Minute But I Got Something To Do What You Should Know There's One Main Thing And Its When I Hustle Baby I Be Thinkin Of U Always On My Grind Spending Alot Of Time Like We Use To Do Now I Be Out In These Streets Cause Baby We Gotta Eat And U Know Thats The Truth When Im Out On My Hustle I'm Comin Home To U Yeah I'm A Hustler But Baby Girl I Wanna ***** With Her U The Type To Make A Thug Nigga Turn Love With Her Mami Let Me Tell U I Aint Nothin Like These Other Scrubs It H.U.E.Y Count Boi He Fly Got Money To The Hizi That Y I Fly G5 So If Any Brotha Tell U He Could Better He Lied Look I Aint Nelly But I Could Make U Hollae.I When We F.U.C.K.I.N.G In The Tree Top Bet U Would Feel Better Than Ever When We Ride Cop U A Summer Wardrobe In The Spring Time More We Around Gratifies Me To Love U But U Should Know There One Main Thing And Thats Baby Girl U Be My Queen The Only Thing Make A Thug Smile In His Dreams Or Make Me Feel I Aint As Thug As I Seem When We Make Love U Get Weak In The Knees The Only Female Who Do What She Pleased But Say She Aint Trickin When I Gettin Her Jeans Car When Verrumum A Safe In The Streets I Tell U Mami Dont Worry Im Safe With The Heat Now Come A Lil Closer Move Ur Waist To The Beat In The Window Of My Comfort For Heat When U Sleep Theres No Other Couple ******** With Me I Then Gone Around The World Before And I Know U The One For Me Ur The One Baby Just Lay Down You'll See Shawty I Could Make U See Im Not Gone Ride These Streets No More Could Girl Its Ride Or Die Girl Its Ride Or Die Imma Get U Right