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Pieces (Tired Pony)

You see her from the deep garden and her hair is soaking wet The bedroom light is flickering to the pounding of your heart You close your eyes and count to ten and when they open you are steeled And slow your breathing down to meet all the shadows and the ghosts The pieces of your heart collapse to the sound of beating drums You can't contain it anymore so just let the madness come There's something in the way she moves that just terrorises you You've tried to piece confusing clues together in your head I see you there you're shining like a beacon The fabric tears and my love burns for you The end of me is in there with you right now The car engine is still too hot to touch You're married to her in your mind and she loves you like a son You're yearning for a place in time and a home to call your own It smashed into you hard enough that you will not soon forget You want her like a sword and shield and you want her here and now I see you there you are my only empire I call your name but it becomes the wind The sudden lurch the quickening of foot falls My bible held above me like an axe