I Miss You All Over (Ott)

I hold your picture and it's breaking my heart Just another lesson I've learned I should be with you wherever you are But it's hard to cross a bridge that's been burnt And if I had the chance to hold you again I won't ever let you go, 'cause your love's all I know I miss you all over, now nothing's the same Every part of my body is calling you name Now the world is much colder and it doesn't seem right 'Cause I miss you all over, I miss you all over tonight You used to be here when I would come home Happy in my arms all the time Now I can see that I'll always be alone If I can't have you for the rest of my life And like the night surrounds the stars above My wish would come true, if I could just hold you Nothing there for me without you by my side So come back to me and dry the tears that I've cried