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Framed (Valens Ritchie)

I was walkin down the street,mindin my own affair When two policemen grabbed me, unaware He says 'Is your name Henry?' I says'Why sure' He says 'You the boy I'm lookin' for' I was framed,framed,I was blamed,framed Well,I never knew nothin,but I always get framed Oh,framed They took him in the line up and let those bright Lights shine,there was ten poor souls like me in that line I knew I was a victim of someones evil plan When a stool pidgeon walked in and says' That's your man' I was framed,framed,I was blamed oh,framed,framed,framed Well, I never knew nothin but I always get framed Well, the prosecutor turned and started a prosecutin' me Man,that cat didn't give me the one,but the third degree He says'Where were you on the night of July 1953?' 'Man I was just home just a tweedle-a-dee' I was framed oh framed,I was blamed oh,framed,framed,framed well, I never knew nothin,but I always get framed Oh framed,oh framed