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That's My Little Suzie (Valens Ritchie)

Well now I've got a girl named Sue She knows what to do She's just through rockin' from here to my door She knows I know & run back into That's my little Suzie She knows what to do She rocks to the left & she rocks to the right I'm so tired don't even know what's a-right When my baby gets a-tired of me I'm gonna do just like misery Gonna drop my Sue & go very very very far & again Well she gets me on the floor every now & then Just rocks all around my head I don't even know what to do with Sue, Sue, Sue Well now she rocks to the right & she rocks to the left Sometimes I don't know where to go When my baby gets a hold of me I'm so tired I can't set her free So come on Suzie, baby, let's rock again Let's get all so tired, this heart & Come on baby, let's just rock once again, 'gain Well now, Suzie, baby, knows how to rock Sometimes I don't even know when to stop She just shakes me all over my head When she gets me doin' the hen Well come on now, we'll rock again Come on baby, never set me again Come on baby, let me come rockin' again oh yeah oh yeah Come rockin' again oh yeah oh yeah Come rockin' again