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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Like This (Leftfield)

I have a question Can I takeover our creation of love Gimme your attention And give me all of your trust Let me show you all of me And additions to me Rhythm's the strength to our love So follow baby carefully and I'll be Everything you want in me and you'll see What we've been waiting for Please touch me like this (baby, do it like this) Please hold me like this (hold me) Please love me like this (it makes me feel so good) I need you like this If we goin' start touching each other We goin' do it like this I'll tell you where to kiss And you'll begin to kiss Baby I know how I feel So just follow my lead Don't be afraid, you're at the wheel And I just wanna ride and enjoy it with you 'Cause I know that you'll enjoy everything that I do Relax and I'll show you Bridge You plan to be with me Baby it's alright Just do right Let's just be clear on some things This is all for you But there are rules If you wanna celebrate me And if you wanna keep me pleased This is how my love has got to be So please touch me