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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Private Fears In Public Places (Front Porch Step)

So cold is the wind it blows your hair. So warm is your touch upon my skin. How tired am I of being scared? But how awake am I now that I know you're here? 'Cause I'd rather fight with you Than laugh with another. I'd rather freeze in your arms Than be warm under covers. And I'd let you hit me before I'd ever let you hit the floor. And I'd rather choke Than to breathe in your absence. I'd rather feel your wrath Than feel another's passion. And I'd rather die on the day That I give you a kiss Than spend the rest of my life Knowing I never did. So just hold me and tell me That I'm everything you need. Tell me that the lonely Little heart of yours That I've been dying for Ain't out of reach. So if you're looking for some proof That there's a heart inside of me Then lace your fingers between mine And you will see it start to leak. And I know you're not a crutch But I can hold you when I stand 'cause I am living for your touch But I would die to be your man. Let me look into your eyes Like I am searching for your soul. Wrap my arms around your waist Like it is dying from the cold Run my fingers through your hair Like they are water from the drain. Press my lips against your back Like they could take away its pain. And to give you everything There is nothing I won't do. Dump my heart into a blender Just to pour it out to you. And I know you're feeling tired Just let me hold you for a bit. Dive my face between your thighs Until I cannot feel my lips, oh I know that you think I'm kind of odd, But if your love is a mountain I swear that I'd climb to the top. I would tell you you're lovely And everything I'll ever need. And I would give you my all If you'd just come and stand next to me.