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Children (South Joe)

Children Go and run and jump and play You'll be Men and women someday Then you'll have to leave Your world of make believe Now children Young (children) Carefree (children) Children Children (children) Need someone to understand Children Need someone to hold their hands Yeah To cheer you when you're sad To spank you when you're bad now Children Haughty (children) Naughty (children) Children Pride goes before destruction A holy spirit goes before a fall Don't you know that we're all children And it's all for one and one for all mmm Children (children) Call each other names Children Playing grown-up games And the things that's really sad We lose the faith we had When we were children Loud (children) Proud (children) Children Children (children) Who think that they are grown Children With children of their own From the cradle to the grave Why must we all behave like Children (na na na na na na na na na na na na) Lost (children) Lonely (children) Children Lost Lonely Children Young Carefree Children Growing Young Children Lost Lonely Children