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The Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor (South Joe)

While strolling through the woods, Not so far from town, I got real shook. I heard the strangest sound. I saw the Purple People Eater, And to my surprise, I saw the Witch Doctor sittin' by his side. Woah! The Witch Doctor had a guitar in his hand. They were boppin' and a-rockin', With a two-feet band. Well the Purple was a blowin', Like a People Eater should. The Witch Doctor picked, Like a Johnny B. Goode. There went a-... Eww eee, Ewww huh ha. Ewww, huh... Walla walla ding dun. Yeah, the Doctor got in trouble, When the People Eater said, The girls keep a-laughin' At the horn in my head. Then the Witch Doctor smiled, And I heard him say, Yeah man, you're ugly, But you sure can play. Well there in the moonlight, It sure seemed strange, While he played a little chorus of, Home On The Range. They were comin' in strong, Like a rock n' roll star. With the craziest beat, This side of Mars. Yeah, these cats from outer space, They were givin' it all. I could tell the way they jumped it, They were havin' a ball. They had me pattin' my feet, And just a clappin' my hands. They stopped just long enough to say, Crazy man! Yeah! Twilight time, When the sun goes down, Way back up in the woods, Along the edge of town, Yeah, the people all gather From a-miles around, To hear Doc and ole Purple with that crazy sound. One more time... Okay... Wait til they see us on American Bandstand! Crazy man, Crazy! Ha ha ha ha...