Innocence (Harlequin)

One dime is all it all it cost me, and I found out for sure You know, that you double-crossed me Just how much can I endure? Last night I was walkin' And I saw you with my friend again And you weren't both talking (?) Least I don't try to pretend [Chorus] Innocence (whoooo) Innocence (whooooo) Innnocence (whooooo) Oh what a lie baby Don't even try lady I laughed when I first met ya How you were so demure you know Now that I don't trust you You just say I've lost control You said you'd always love me Said you'd be my friend You had your fingers crossed You stuck it to me in the end [Chorus] Innocence (whooooo) Innocence (whooooo) Innnocence (whooooo) Innocence (whooooo) Oh what a lie baby Don't even try lady Innocence, yes that's all you ever pleaded Innocence, yes that's all you'll ever plead Yes, That's all you'll ever plead to me Yes it's all you ever plead