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Watchman (Peggy Sue)

Friend, come to bed I wanted until the pretty ones Had all laid down their heads And then I said come to bed You know that I'm yours When we're the only bodies left My friend, it want to stay We can wait for all the other possibilities to fade And by then it will be late And I won't say a word and we can go our seperate ways My friend, don't give it straight I'd love to see effort of you lying to my face So lie, lie with me Because you know I'd like you best If you were lying through your teeth Kid, don't kid yourself You're always watching someone who is watching someone else Where's the someone always watching you You looked away from him just so that you could scan the room And watch, watch your eyes I tried but I get dizzy trying to follow them side to side And watch, watch your mouth I tried my very best but I can't follow what comes out I only came here to see you see me I only came here to see you see me I only came here to see you see me I only came here to watch you watch me leave I did my best, to let it rest No I didn't say a word, but still I could have said much less I held my tongs you hel the rest But you held it far to long And I got in over my head So friend, I'll give it straight I always need a hand to hold when it is growing late So I will lie, lie for you Because you know that I am yours When there is nothing elso to do.