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Mean Man (The Detroit Cobras)

(Ooooh) These salty tears fallin' from eyes He's a mean man, he's that kind of guy Well I've been lovin' him since school days I guess for me I should say fool days After waiting all this time Thinking he would just be mine He acts as if he doesn't know Just how much I love him so (Mean man) he's a cruel man (Mean man) a break the rule mane Took me so long you know it's a sin And I forgive him time and time again Someday I may break these ties that bind I see no hope for this soul of mine When I try to face the truth Tell myself I'll cut him loose He puts his arms around me tightly Ooh he's so divine (Mean man) he's a cruel man (Mean man) a break-the-rule man Jimmy loves me and Henry too (Henry too) But I still wait around for you-know-who Just when I need him he's a goner But still my love he's getting stronger When I get to feeling tired He decides to come around He acts as if he doesn't know I'm alive, he hurts me so (Mean man) he's a lover man (Mean man) like no other man (Mean man) he's a sweet man (Mean man) he's my mean man