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Del (Hieroglyphics)

Drop some new shit on 'em them Let's drop some new shit on 'em Drop it on 'em Cas Some brand new new shit Going Yeah, this D-E-L in the house And Hieroglyphics crew Down wit' Matt Kelly, A-Plus, Domino Man, we about to kick this little shit right here on my down time on the album Check it out MC's is too promiscious so if you fuss I'ma be the next to bust and take you on the Exodus Wreckless Checklist, ain't nobody next to us Step to us and get reduced to a speck of dust Fuck the hellala detectives with they secret societies We speak wit' variety So stand back Before you caught in my sand traps Hilarious you better vary it, you bury it Go along with your merriment Hiero getting ever cent And we earned it, and burned it In your brains like brands And now, everyone demands Del and his entourage and you can all get squashed He mosh it up, we mega and vicious Magnificent Fuck the whimsical misteral We stiffed through competitors and regulate And make you hesistate you better wait Time to set it straight You never take a flow for granted Cause what you ain't peeping Is equal to what we call "sleeping" Slumbering and fucking cumbersome Keep the tabs on them tongues And let the bomb numb your lungs Yeah Cranialologist The zany novelist The tactical graphical With lyrics for capital After you, high speed chase To erase All existing life forms and drive 'em to free base Hieroglyphics