California Goodbye (Medley Bill)

You watched your hand hold the pen And write the note, but it wasn't you And every single word was wrong But every word you wrote you knew was true And as you stepped into the night You wondered how this ever got so damned confused And again you cry in the darkness all alone The bitter taste of the California goodbye You watch the desert fall away to mountains And to forest green and rivers blue An you glance down at your watch and wonder What he's thinking now that it's already noon And then you think you'll chance the radio again Though the last time every song just made you cry Wo, wo, yes, it did And as you touch the dial Another tear falls for the California goodbye There are dreams that we can keep And there are stars that shine through space Though it's cold and deep, dreams that we can keep Oceans rise and fall and desert winds don't sleep Tomorrow you'll be home again A thousand memories down the road from yesterday And if you're not too late You might see, baby, brother pack his things and walk away But somewhere deep inside You know an aching heart can never run and hide Ah, then you, you wanna die As the sun sets fire to the desert sky A curtain falls on the California goodbye, goodbye