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Killing Time (The Creatures)

I wait and wait... sleepwalk the hourglass This way and that... the pendulum swings Yes, there's plenty of time... always time left to kill Does time stand still or hurtle on by? Let time unwind... let all the cogs fall out Let man's machines collapse and rust Face down in the dust... I'll kiss no other lips A lifetime of nothing, condemned without you Been so long here... I could die here Lying by your side But time won't claim me, time and me only I'm just killing time If the sun went out, I wouldn't mind too much Who needs the days to trouble to fill? If the moon didn't rise, I wouldn't be upset Who needs moonshine to cause tears to spill? I've been so long here... I could lie here Under dying sky This thirst and hunger holds no wonder I'm just killing time I await your return, There's no other one