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Manchild (The Creatures)

They would seek high, they would seek low calling their manchild as the trouble did flow There's always somebody to watch over me I'm never alone, I wish they'd leave me be Never alone I'm never alone... I'm just a boy, not long for this world I'm called Nelsito and I'm thirteen years old for nearly two decades this vendetta has raged There are no men -- I'm the last in the chain Last in the chain I'm manchild man Marimba sing high, marimba sing low, marimba sing high as the cemetery grows All have been wept for husbands, brothers, grandsons, grandfathers, nephews, cousins, uncles, fathers, and sons I walk in boots too big for me the women do cry as they watch over me I work at the altar, I try to be good but just like the others, I'll soon travel in wood I try to be good Manchild in wood I wait for manhood I'm the manchild