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Alone Again (Alabama Thunderpussy)

Last night it came upon me Got the blues upon sunrise As I reached to touch your shoulder, I was struck by the surprise You packed up your belongings Stole away into the night Nary a sign is left of you here Guess I'll lay back down and cry Why do they always leave me? Happens just about every time And I can feel you haunting through the back pitch of my mind There's never been any reason Never been no way to explain Seems that luck is out of season unless it's bad, then down it rains Growing colder by the minute Getting hardened by the day I'm a lonely, loathsome creature But I don't want to be that way A bitter wind chills me to the bone The bottle is dry and I feel so alone This house is so empty now that you're gone And I face the fact that I've done you wrong, yeah Now I'm sure that you had to leave me, To save yourself and your sanity You'll find another, and I pray he's good to you Better than I could ever be Hope you find just what you need, as I lay right here and bleed Together we will never be! Through my soul a stormy rain, wrapped up in my old friend pain, forever! It's my destiny Sometimes I think I know the way but find myself in a strange land where I don't know my name Left to the dogs, hung out to dry Wish I could lay right down and die I'm tryin', but life's not done with me! Bye bye, bye bye baby!