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Motor-ready (Alabama Thunderpussy)

Hold your laughter, soon right after The facts are brought to our attention Barely notice what you know best Which is almost nothing Why is there always a reason? Or something you're your whining about I've heard the same old story It's growing extremely boring See right through your innocence Nice disguise the excuses Could have been better, not terrible For the first try. Quarts of turmoil dripping quickly Out of the leaking mouth of yours Skidding tires, fumes inspire no Caution flags to prevent the danger I'll make it easy if that's what you want. Just hit the highway, when I need you I'll phone. Don't bother sending any letters to ask if tempers have cooled since the night you left. I haven't bothered turning the porch light on. I think it's quite clear this isn't your home anymore. Who's ever closest I don't notice anyone waiting for your return. You ought to know this it came from your lips with the rest of the obvious lies My reactions are distractions for pleasing my own sick humor Short conversations, complications you've got to watch what you say This disaster arriving soon twisting the truth with each phase of the moon Is this what the future holds for me? Now I've found a certain type of honesty No make believe or bullshit from you.