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None Shall Return (Alabama Thunderpussy)

Strung high above the trees discarded entropy incest inventors got me for the spite i got no patience, got no time misguided souls remove your gloves this is a warning that you'll never learn none shall return called up in voiceless strike jackasses horrorlike sometimes it seems they're breeding all the time i got no reason to be kind you took it tough i ve had enough to take your nasty cross, you're gonna learn none shall return Your Insolence now jades I'll rain on your parade, but you won't step outside, small dogs without much bite, should stay inside at night, and bark behind the door, Apologies so weak and frequent that they reek of insincerity, A population that's so vile and base, Eradicating moral code, their legacy no more than commonplace, tonight the worthless breed is overthrown