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Struggling For Balance (Alabama Thunderpussy)

Dancing through the darkness With a corpse for a partner Trying hard to keep in step Calliope entrancing Spinning towards upheaval of the dead Cracking cross the ceiling Leaking plasm through the peelings Evolve then dissolve Wistful about your brothers Yearning for the mother And the calm.....before the storm Chased by the past Stalled in the present Pissing on the future Make no mistake Within your haste To stitch & suture Without restraint Or a guiding gaze Rules are verboten Marveling the waves Crashing up the banks & flooding to you Dreams of peace elude Torrents of pain deluge Lacking the faith To make another day A chance for changes Rolling in the waste Of a stillborn taste For levity Proclivity reigns Tightening the ropes Of your behavior Shooting at the moon Burning up the spoon Has made you weak Dreams of peace elude Torrents of pain deluge Drawn into the whirlpool Stream of consciousness cool Ever widening circles Envelop a drowning fool Awaiting your deliverance Begging for forgiveness Looking for an answer To mend a broken dream Ever land of failure Sparking up involvement Shards of ramification Grinding me RAMPANT FOR REDEMPTION REGULATE THE MADNESS STRUGGLING TO GAIN BALANCE REGULATE THE MADNESS STRUGGLING TO GAIN BALANCE Pragmatic vision Momentous clarity Sidestep derision Aware of what must be Debasement Of hatred And anger