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Wage Slave (Alabama Thunderpussy)

Quick glance into the never Mind bent on saving time Bold sense of dunce bravado It's your ass on the line Poor pig with nothing on you scraping & scratching for a dime To buy back the tattered soul you sold there but the truth of the matter is it's just a lie AS HOPE DISSOLVES YOU FALL AWAY --- 9 Tenths of what you borrow Won't help you get through tomorrow Crime becomes a tempting option To release you from the strain Here comes the craven wage slave dripping with sweat, bad blood & tears Looking to get out, up above & overchipping away yet chained to fear THE SYSTEM FAILS YOU ONCE AGAIN ONE FACT PREVAILS THE ONLY WAR IS CLASS WAR RISE & Burn this fucker down ORGANIZE Turn yourselves around MARCH ON Hold high the torch of hope FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT Don't let them destroy you IT'S YOUR CHOICE IT'S YOUR VOICE One struggle binds us together Not going down without a fight This storm together we'll weather At the least we'll have our pride