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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Whore Adore (Alabama Thunderpussy)

Her devilish eyes keep the honest man wondering if lounges in the nude I can't see any scales but I'm sure there's horns under her hair Tempt me taste me There's plenty of evil to share with her Kissing goes on and on Until the lust is gone With gifted touch she holds your emotions in a bottle air tight and plastic sealed One last breathe of simple defeat then she'll scratch you off the list Number 3 or 13 is better than dead last Should've known you'd tag along like the rest of the idiots Tearing men to shreds with every bite she takes Forget amends they'll also break The whore I adore Closer to the deadly strike Poisonous fingers wipe off the itch of frustration Troublesome Clenching with solid might Forever loosing the fight Stop showing how much it hurts That's just something else she likes