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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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One More Time (French Kicks)

One more time I wake and I'm anywhere Well, I'm feeling lonely when You look like you're coming after all All that time And laugh only when you're still around Thought I'd feel something else When love keeps me climbing up the wall A little heat and I lose some more sleep A little sleep and a little more heat In other ways, I keep waking up A little heat and a little more Oh, that's fine Relax, will you, while you're still around But I'll be your only friend When off running things into the ground You're alone with me Nothing wrong with me It's still hard A little heat and a little more sleep In other ways, I keep waking up Lose some heat and a little more One more One more time And that's coming on again One more day of loneliness That's you incapacitating love One more time with me