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One Time Bells (French Kicks)

Islands and inside down Riding the next line downtown Shadowed when it slowed down Why did it stop so loud now? Time is what we got out Why do we stay tied down? To staring the sidewalk down I been running since then And they started to complain And it started to get older In the state that it's in Every days just the same And this time it started over This morning we're at it again ? like love my ? ? like ? the skin Once we stop Have you ever stopped where? Well Child's screaming at a way-out ball Looking very fine all the people that you walk Ringing one time bells Ringing one time bells Another town I'll be critical Working all the fun when we're rid of it all Ringing one time bells I answer The neighbours they're at it again The ? below won't matter They're running a sound from within Once they stop Have you ever stopped when? La la la laaa La la la laaa La la la laaaaa La la la laaa La la la laaa La la la laaa La la la laaaaa La la la laaa