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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Sex Tourists (French Kicks)

When will I get to know this See when they get you down Have you tried getting somewhere Could you make some other sound And would I listen no way Now they're heading out for the highway Never mind that you know this Keep it going another round I'm amazed that you noticed When we're lying on the ground And we're vibrating somewhere It's shaking us apart Could I be innocent? No not at all You'll never be a part of me I know Never free, we never can let it go Where are we, we never know and it goes Never breathe or take your time and it shows In the dream they're after me I know What they're doing to me is unnatural And it's me they'll never leave alone Never ever had to go get Now you see it's hell on me Now you see it's hell on me Now when I'm hearing voices And being embarrassed by the sound We suffer my hurried choices Taking me apart could I be Now you see it's hell on me