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Beyond The Gates (Cans)

She told me to wait Now I'm alone outside the gate My eyes are bleeding visions fade away The sun came to late Time is here to seal my fate In pain inside the purgatory flames Now open gate let me in, let me stay I'm turning away from the light of the day I'll never go back, no I never will return The flames are burning still inside my soul Inside my soul In a time were I was young, at a place of innocence She stood there all alone, a devil in disguise Inside a raging storm, my mind was set at ease She said I was the one, all she said was simple lies Behind these walls, nothing will remain Madness and rage, oh I'm turning insane? Beyond the gates Beyond the gates of Hell Tormented by her eyes, my life was in her hands Just a puppet on a string, read to give in I believe that after life, my spirit will live on In a world, for me unknown, in a world still free from sin Somewhere beyond the flames are burning still Between death and life, it is a destiny's will Beyond the gates Beyond the gates of Hell Heaven or Hell, there's a thin line between Inside this inferno, where no one can win Beyond the gates Beyond the gates of Hell