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When Tomorrow Comes (The Emotions)

It's easy for love To come and go (Yes, it is, yes, it is) For one to be thrilled Just one time (One or more, one or more) Oh, when, when tomorrow comes Will the need still be there' (When tomorrow will come to find us) I wanna know will you still care' Will your love for me be the kind of love (That will last) I wanna know (Will it last?) When you reach out to hold Tomorrow will you reach out (Twice as fast) How many times? (Twice as fast) Oh, when, when tomorrow comes Will your kisses still be hot? Oh, baby (When tomorrow comes to find us) Will you still want the love I've got? This is what I'm tryin' to say (I don't want just a one day lover) No (Today with me and tomorrow with another) What I want is an everyday man To prove that he loves me anyway he can Love me, come on, baby I know you're a lover Don't leave me tomorrow Stay with me I want you to thrill me, want me Love me, need me, touch me Stay right here Don't hurt me, baby Oh, no Don't make me cry No, no