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Mother Of All Beings (Even Song)

(The self-begotten deity) The steadfast Earth shuddered roaring fires ran over heavens in tears & howling embodied a female form: Mother of all beings Like a faint shadow she rose from the ground trembling & pale like a new-born child beneath her feet a vast, unprolific ground above her head the indefinite space For ages she wandered in the forsaken wilderness searching for life-forms She found nothing but a dire emptiness a soul-shuddering Vacuum Whirlwinds of sulphurous smoke torrents of lava, vapour & clouds terrible thunders tore the mantle of Earth unquenchable fires consumed the ground Her lamenting voice wept upon the void but there were no one to hear her She was alone in a world of inertia divided by tears & sorrows From the vast deluge of her tears an unfathomable ocean rose An ocean teemed with strange organism and creatures bred in sorrow Various forms of being crawled out from the sea and mustard around the great Mother And she rejoiced beholding her daughters & sons and gave them the Earth & the Skies to conquer