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Path Of The Angels (Even Song)

Ruler of my dreams, angelic being calm me down at last Bury me among clads of shallow graves or raise me above the enchanting clouds Swallow me the Earth's lukewarm womb let me fly upon the wings of morning breeze cease burning like the distant star who has thrown away his light I pray for absolution Shall I find solace in death? Save me angel I yearn for Nepenthe Angel of unveiled beauty Aery being of Heavens Divine eyes are staring I'm filled with fear oh mistress of dreams as I step on the path of the angels whee heaven meets the ground Slaughterous time embraces I feel my transience Leave those sickening shades of existence I open the gates of infinity Just close your weary eyes I'll take you way up to the skies Child of Terra Firma Being of murk and dust I tear up the texture of reality Step unto the path of the angels