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Inspiration (Diamond)

Out of control A desolate soul Emptiness taking over my life I was alone You brought me home I know our strength is more than enough Because you give me an inspirational love You're my inspiration You give me an inspirational love You're an inspiration to me Inspire my mind Leave fear behind It's like a warmth I feel from above Insomniac, braniac the K don't sleep Give me a mic and a break Call me the human beatfreak Mind ticking like a hihat shits deep Snare thoughts bass drum be my heartbeat And as I walk with the rhythm Pulse rate nitro So a phat jam I gotta give them Beats I live them I gotta feed off the crowd when it's loud You shine we all glisten I'll be the musical fiend when I'm fiending for wax It'll be like smokers who be fiending for nicotine A hundred a day habit, but I gots to have it The sensation just flows when it goes From head to my toes Through the mic at show Making the ladies say ow and the brothers say ho Yo I gets a high from riggedy rocking the nation Cause the music be my inspiration The life that we is our gift to give We'll make it through when life gets too much.