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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Reason (Diamond)

There's something in your eyes I know I can't resist There's something in the air I don't know why You were hardly there when I was on my own There's something about you that makes me cry Can I believe that you heart still beats for me Let me recieve A sign that you're my destiny I wanna know Give me a reason for me to believe in Can't you see it in my eyes? That I need a reason for I'm still breathing Is it time to say goodbye? Cause deep in my heart I know there's a reason why I'm not leaving why I'm not alone So give me a reason for me to believe in Give me a reason Something in your eyes still takes my breath away Something is deep inside please tell me why I don't know what I should do to break this spell how can you make my life an aliby? Can I believe That your heart still beats for me? Let me recieve a sign that you're my destiny [COURSE x2]