Sweetest Day Of May (Diamond)

Mmm... Mmm... Freedom Sweetest day of May (repeat 10 times) He yeah! Hey yeah! Freedom (repeat) I remember the day You past my way I was lost for words I had nothing to say You said I used to meet to at a bar in L.A. Oh my sweetest day of May Hey yeah! Hey yeah! Freedom... oh my sweetest... I remember the night you looked into my eyes I felt so good that I wanted to cry You better not be afraid I never felt this way Oh my sweetest day of May Hey yeah, sweetest day of May (repeat) Remember the day, remember the night You looked in my eyes I felt so good, so right Sweetest day of May On the sweetest day (repeat) Sweet the day (repeat) Sweet the day of May Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet (repeat) Sweetest day of May (repeat)