When It Pours It Rains (Diamond)

Niggaz be like D-B on some old throwback shit I scoop your little birdie on some Bobby Womack shit The best you ever heard, fuck that, you know that shit Perpendicular to most, with the flow that's sick Lookin sporty in the 740 (aight) put the G on the shorty even if I'm tore down, from a 40 No advertisement or chastisement The ice on my neck make the honey's eyes squint Every, chance I get, from the stance I pick Flick your ass on the floor like a cancer stick No more, jokes and games, I hope to claim I want, boats and planes, ice ropes and chains When it, pours it rains, so I'm weatherin the storm Been away for three joints and still better than the norm Yo I'm deep rooted, for this here, I be zooted I do it to you all night girl, when I be booted Find out, have you screamin time out Your big lover man chillin with the shine out Girl I blow your mind out, we can wine and dine out Reclined on my system, Alpined out. Tryin to build a monopoly, Franklins on top of me I go to the Roof, if 97 start rockin me No stoppin me, on the verge to blow And I, splurge the dough from the words I know From the true and living, bonafide top contender Not a pretender, I live my life in splendor Uhh, remember, I got the ill type phonetics You wack MC's sound patheti