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Come Again (Medial banana)

Brnemenem brnemenem brne brnenemenem More power to da machine play dat again Brnemenem brnemenem brn brnenemenem More power to the machine and play dat again Gimmi di microphone And let me answer da thing Whagwaan what dem a do Fi di chain and ring Whaagwaan what dem a do What caliber dem bring Meks me feeling vex Dem ago stop fi nothing Gimmi di microphone and let me answer da thing Whaa dema do Dem a coke smuggling Whaa dem do Fi di weapons trafficking We haffi mek we flex We haffi step in Cause dem flex real hard Like ukraine mousstard And Dem do no joking Dem do no provoking Maffia and coke thing Dondada and guns thing Dem cyan be feeling humble While dem ago be rumbling Ram pam papapam pam pam pam But every dondada don don don Die by gun or anada some Tool of destruction When i get manamanamicrophone I bunabunabun dem all Not a dondana a honest man So live up ya soul Cannacannabis must grow Educate ya soul Man haffi bun a fayah So check da wicked flow Like a seed planted by a river So natural so we got to deliver Play dat sweet sweet reggae melody Life is a gift and not a tragedy Trying to find di root of happiness Not a false golden fruits of meaningless Cause di meaning dat will set us free Is written inna di soul of every being. Proper education nah anada liar Righteous ruler strong as a lion Firm like statue hot like a faya Legalize da wisdom and legalize da kaya