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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Journey ft. General Levy (Medial banana)

Jah guide and protect we And keep we safe pon we journey Jah nuh stop guide and secure we guide and protect we Even when dem try disrespect me My jah jah nuh go neglect me Come again hear di pokyman scream We and general nah go melt like ice cream Guidance pon us like pon di big screen We ago rise up wise up come fallow me See dem a conquer See dem a fall Anada soundbwoy Joss loose a war Some a dem close And some a dem far Some a dem marching Joss fi di scar But jah keep we safe he keep us strong Guide us pon journy to neva go wrong To always look straight An neva loose faith From tip of mi tangue To roots where i belong Cyan suffer and suffer proper like di old cracker i&i beg ya fi guidance In case of matta of any matta no matta whatta let we aks ya fi guidance Keep it calm and let me meditate Gimmi di guidance let me concentrate Pon our journey love we generate New values we haffi recreate Pokyman verse 2: Journey of ya soul Nat all dat glitters moss be gold Joss a story not a history and truth was neva been told Guide us as we roll me haffi roll one more hi score tuff core betta big than a small