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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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So many questions /acoustic skit (Medial banana)

What am I Who are we What are we supposed to be How we come And how we go Is there some plan high above What is the life What means dead Does it really began with one word said How high How low Can reach the human soul Where are we from Where do we aim Is there a life without the pain Why are we happy and Why are we sad How can happiness be spread What is the meaning What is the point Is this a really just the race for a coin Do we have souls Do we have spirits Do you have conscious to overstand the lyrics Do we feel music Does music feel we Why is my music for us necessity Why we feel joy Why we feel pain Does it have to be turning over again What is the love How does it feed us What is that feeling we let to lead us What is the heaven What is the hell Isnt it a state of mind as well So many questions So likkle answers Are we healers Or are we cancer