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Desecrator (Exhorder)

My religion is myself Desecration's my belief Your misfortune's my enjoyment And I thrive on your disease I don't care about your feelings Pain and torment's what you'll get I'll rape your heart of love And I'll make you eat my shit I'll piss on your grave Total desecration I spit in your face For no apparent reason I'm sick and depraved Society's garbage of what I'm made Devoted to hatred Unholy war and violent ways Virgin Mary's cursed to hell Who needs her anyway? The Pope is slaughtered in the street Catholics grieving at his feet Painting of satanic stars Desecrating church's walls I have no rules, I have no mercy No remorse, I feel no pity, life is death to me The desecrator Agnostic beliefs Defecate before the holy world's maternity Origin of the species, strongest shall survive Blitzkrieg tactics upon your family life I need no reason, there's no cause All I need is victims to exercise my hateful laws My pleasure is your pain, your grievance is my gain Desecration's my greatest pleasure in life Your children will be my sacrifice Offspring slaughtered, lacerate your spouse My itch is scratched, I feel relieved That I brought your fucking world down to its' knees Fuck your God No regard for your religion Pacifist No need to pray for my forgiveness Exhorted coitus Beg me to release your life Slaughtered child How could your lord allow him to die? Placid world once alive Dig your grave and jump inside Never trust, never love Dig your grave it's just as such You weakened hearts are torn to shreds A lying beast now has your hea