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Exhorder (Exhorder)

My will be done and I won't hesitate To tempt your weary heart in my hands Persuade you to feel that affection is real When I'm finished, you'll be dead in the sand Mosh on sad eyes after taking your prize That was given as a token of love Give me your hind, I'm yours all the time Until another victim will come Crawl on your knees, asking "why did you leave?" As I introduce you to the new piece Cheated in ways beyond bad taste Your soul was but a toy in my tease Breaking young hearts across the land As I wake up in a different place You do it for me, it's easy to see Your pitied, lonely looks in my face I'll make you obey Don't try to delay You never will learn You always return to Exhorder... Exhorder... I am the sadist that dwells in your mind You run back helpless, I cheat you blind I can desecrate the highest class of human life Lure and seduce the ever faithful preacher's wife