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Homicide (Exhorder)

-One of the best True Thrash songs ever... -Gladly brought to you by Adrian M. Brush aka "Dementia" *Homicide* by Exhorder I pay. I live to fight. Homicide for a Lie. I Feel the Anger. I Feel the Pain, Smashing in his Brain. Feel the pressure, Feel the Gun, Shoot him 'cause he's only got One. Run Through Eternity, You can think about in Hell. Down on your Knees. Piss on your Peace! Now! Right away. From Homicide. Fuck all your Politics Piss on your own. I am the Law Now hear Me. Rags to riches you become the Corpse, That is the Reward Pray to your God while you still have some Time. Death is so near, Leave your life. Victims of violence Are the ultimate Victims A death by the Killing. Down on your Knees. Piss on your Peace Now! Right away. From Homicide........