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Slaughter In The Vatican (Exhorder)

Praised by all of thee His hands are raised in order to bring salvation Monarchy to hierarchy Imminent excision Propaganda for the "one true god" Leaving your eternity feared Denouncing dictation remove his lead Exercise his lethal decision The pontiff is gone, you are the one To carry out and learn from your beliefs Follow no more, the pope's been destroyed An individual church of the will shall succeed Papal supremacy... Intertwining with infallibility A dawning of a new faith arising now The sheep without the shepherd evermore Consumed by overconfident assumptions The puritanic elders couldn't score A holiday in Rome, people will not forget The tires on the popemobile are slashed A switch of a blade and a thrust through his stole Steal his rings and pawn them in for cash Some will let you be yourself Others try to rule your soul Imperials and rebels all trying to regain control Roll out the red carpet, here comes our prince The day He died, we've been crusaders since Catholicism breaks in two Time is running out for you If the father of the church is to lead and teach you Then why doesn't he follow the rules? Imitate the son of man and live with the poor Instead of fearing him while he's on tour Avoid, abstain Keep clean your life, your heart and soul Don't miss the mass, you'll go to hell You must repent and tell your sins Pope, die! You lied to me, my wife and child Storm the Vatican, tear it down The church is gone, we have won!