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Soul Search Me (Exhorder)

stalks are generated and they engrave their names upon the fields blasts of charismatic droplets anoint me through my dying... groping, seizing, tearing, grasping at the tail of sanity a thrust of uninvited rage combusts inside the gut, and here we have another day if only I'd pierced it with my hand or watched it burn into the ground a joyous blaze of life's end [chorus:] find me, keep me, lose me, weep me how the tears they do entertain it's nice to be reminded that I can still bring you pain satisfaction remains best without subtraction soul search me you're empty and as you try to liberate the world remember what I say give and take's not how I live I fucking take, you'd better give the barrier is gonna break cleanse the brains they've washed in your sink [repeat chorus] digging deep inside you'll find a box without any chains and with no locks come on, Pandora, open wide and release the entity concealed inside BAM!! the bricks caress your face spread you thin across the ground the aches and pains convey my thoughts to yours you tried to find me out say Jack, what's a backstabber like you gonna do with one like me discomfort multiplied by ten, you writhe and twist again please have some pain the grain against which you rub is my terrain so take a giant step back 'cause you've marched across my line and my gun works fine soul search me you're empty