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The Truth (Exhorder)

turn a deaf ear to all of your previous hearings so I can tell you the truth... here we come to defy all we have in mind is us and all the rest is refuse so you can stay or turn away what's mine is mine and hers is mine and his is mine and yours is mine that's the fact I can recall a time when I was young and was taught to do what is socially acceptable such a shit receptable well, fool, I don't know about you but I'm gonna get some of that pie that's cooling in the window greedy circles of frenzied sharks bleeding teachers feed them all do you think I give a fuck?!? no! no, not at all! zero sympathy! and what's more motherfuckers you can kiss my fuckin' ass because it makes me laugh... all I've spoken is the truth I may have said some lies but still I've told my truth