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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Chaperone Sally (Platinum Blonde)

A young man just sixteen years old A crazy boy whose mind's in search of gold I'd watch the men take you for a ride All for a song or just an alibi Sally was always under shelter She won't come out in nasty weather Chaperone Sally What were we ever looking for Chaperone Sally I hope you're happy when you get there An old man saw me hangin round Said, "Boy, what you doin' on this side of Town?" I knew right there that I was out of place I could tell by that shattered look on his face Some things in your mind, they last forever But I don't think I could ever, ever forget her Are we alone Are we alone Are you alone, today Sally it's just like you to disappear again We knew one day that it would have to end In the end... Sally