Teenage Meeting (Gonna Rock It Up Right) (Don Cornell)

Uh oh, put out the cat Put out the cat, lock the door There's a teenage meeting At the candy store (CHORUS) We're gonna rock it up right tonight We're gonna rock it up right tonight We're gonna ramble, gonna scramble Gonna dance to my heart's delight The meeting took order Call the role, everybody present Let's rock and roll (CHORUS) Here comes Lilly popping bubble gum Look at Rosie having lots of fun Hot dogs cracking with the soda pop Jukebox screaming, bout to blow his top Gotta get going, can't be late Got a sweet little cutie That just won't wait (CHORUS) Smiling faces beaming everywhere Jack and Mary dancing on a chair When the meeting really starts to rock Old man Thornton's pointing at the clock Clucluck Willie brought? Hey, hot dilly, but I've got jam (CHORUS) Who rung the bell, what a gas Look again, mister Your clock is fast (CHORUS) Rock it up right Roll it up right tonight