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California Dreamin' (Dream Warriors)

Baby used to be a California dream Baby used to be a California dream Baby used to be a California dream But eventually everything becomes a dirt pit In a showroom frame I attract another hit If you run to the sun, call Lu, then you trip I think it's time for you to retire, you skipped That's what you get when you suck too much less You get penis end, like the girl in the tight dress A mess hall, we all in your balling There's no where to run when the roll is calling May it be me, cause I flow from within girls Tell me I'm a hoe, drop the stereo and we can flow Loop like cause this might be magic Watch it might engulf you and catch your snatch There it is, what it is A house is in the middle of the street To swallow my gift is a feat But I hate to see without eyes When people try to sabotage But I'm quite successful at espionage Try harder man, come on harder Cause if you don't, then come on, why bother You're in my air evaporate at a rate greater than wait I'm changing fate Hey, look I made ya look Who's in the kitchen cookin' chicken, mama Excuse me baby I don't mean to interrupt But my mind's corrupt now that you got my interest up You're best I edit the wish bones before I credit Cause I must show my versatility facility Peep me like tom Must you, I bust you I smash you into dirt and leave your crew laughin' at ya I'm coolin' like Laverte You're hurt if I'm leavin' you Plot thickens When reflects is flex like the sex faces Into private places It's me baby (Is it you Lu? Really really you?) Touch me and tell me if it's true Did ya miss? (Yeah, I miss. Did you?) Yeah I miss Then commence to kiss kiss give me sugar Cause you be the bona fide baby booger You know, we go together like a gun and a trigger (Yeah right, then who's this? I can't believe this. I thought I was the world to you. Shit, what is this?) Come on baby, you're trippin' to illusion conclusions You think I would want that old broken down car Now who picks me up when I'm down Come on, who puts a smile on my frown Come on who makes mmmm (You crazy) So then let's blow this joint with God speed Cause you know, I've got the remedy for what you need Twelve inches of steel, spinning wheel Cause you can't fight the feel when I'm in Better turn the volume up to ten, and dim the lights Cause tonight, you're takin' flight Ah, but the next day somethin' went wrong Huh, she slipped Found a note, must've fell from her coat Said I'll meet you at the Eaton Centre at a quarter to eight And don't be late Okay, so I thought about the shit that my mind was going through Took two pills and then called the crew My crew said "Chill King, we'll fix it, don't sweat it." "Bother you? Don't let it." I got it But that's what you get Like a need a mostly dream Like a dream, you sit inside a pit and you fiend Now pain, pick ax and shovel, I digged and I gotta get out, I gotta get out, gotta get out Of this pit, I'm bigger than her But my chest is crushed turned to mush For real If I ever shot myself it was just to get the feel So suicide was out of the question Did I mention I didn't get a tricycle, thanks to Mr. Trojan I'd be walking around like these other brothers, trippin' Aimlessly, like a record skippin' But once bitten twice shy (dry your eye) Once bitten twice shy (dry your eye) Once bitten twice shy and I won't lie MC's that think I didn't evolve got something comin' I sleep with words and verbs is my pussy Fattened like a cat, got your tongue you dirty rat There's some wisdom in retreat, think of that Your impact is hollow and you follow and submerge Now people pull your card, you're livin' on the verge [Chorus]